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Book Overview

Burnout to Engagement

This book is about learning the devastating effects of chronic stress, on our body, mind and emotions, and establishing a personal daily practice, to become happier and healthier. It is about clarifying your values, goals, and purpose, and practicing Mindful techniques to lead the life that you always wanted to have.


Mindfulness in Action can transport you from Burnout to Engagement

Burnout is a syndrome of Emotional and Physical exhaustion, cynicism, and a sense of low personal accomplishment, leading to decreased effectiveness at work and loss of enthusiasm.

Mindfulness Practice means attending to each present moment with wisdom and loving kindness.

It is about honoring the past, restructuring your beliefs, and planning for a healthier future.


Secrets Buried in the Sand

Witness a masterful and alluring weaving of rhythm and rhyme, poetry and prose in Assaad Mounzer’s book featuring Secrets Buried in the Sand. Be immersed in lyrical and edifying tales of life, love, loss and lessons.